Welding Fume Extraction

New HSE Requirements For Welding Fumes Issued Feb 2019

Due to new Health & Safety Executive’s (HSE) requirements, if you or your company do any kind of welding then you must ensure you’re in compliance with the new HSE requirements issued in February 2019.

New scientific evidence has been published which shows mild steel welding fumes can cause cancer. So with immediate effect the HSE has strengthened their expectation for ‘all’ welding fumes. Air monitoring tests below exposure limits will no longer be adequate.

If you want to avoid a hefty fine or your operation being shut down by the HSE, you need a robust welding fume extraction system that can efficiently remove the toxic fumes from your workplace.

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    What are the benefits to you?

    Fulfills your obligation to provide suitable LEV and protection for your staff

    Single mobile units with 2m or 3m reach arms

    All arms are highly moveable to reach from 1.5m to 11m

    Extraction hoods designed for maximum fume capture, large hoods and extensions for awkward to reach places also available

    All arm joints are external for ease of maintenance and reduce pressure loss

    Centralised weld fume extraction to connect from 2 stations to 20 or more

    All systems are tested in accordance with HSE guidance HSG258 to ensure you comply with all current guidelines

    Case studies and references are available

    welding extraction booths
    welding extraction arms
    welding fume extraction system

    Welding Fume Extraction Case Study

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