Spray Booths

Spray Booths

Your new spray booth will be designed and made to the highest quality standard – ISO 9001 and available as a ‘stand alone’ or ‘open front’ design.

If you manage a paint spray shop, you’ll understand the challenges that fumes can create. For your business to operate safely, it’s essential that you properly extract these toxic fumes. You must ensure you’re in compliance with health and safety requirements and are protecting your employees.

And, doing so doesn’t have to be complicated or break the bank. If you’re looking for a simple, effective and fast solution to extract paint or car spray fumes, dryback spray booths are ideal.

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    Get a solution tailored for you

    A dryback spray booth is perfect for dealing with paint fume extraction on your premises, whether you want:

    Fully modular construction, vast range of sizes and types

    A commissioned booth designed and installed to your requirements

    Flame proof motors optional

    Choice of easy to fit, low cost filters

    Top or rear mounted fans

    Simple, low cost maintenance

    Spray Booths - off-the shelf booth that you can self-assemble
    Spray Booths - A fully enclosed spray room that is made to order

    Finance options also available to spread the payments - ask for details!

    In addition to our 1 year warranty plan which comes as standard with all of our new and refurbished fume and dust extraction systems, we can quote for service and maintenance contracts, filter spares, LEV testing and air monitoring services.

    Get a simple and cost effective solution

    A spray booth allows you extract large volumes of paint fumes with ease, as paint particles adhere to the special paper filters fitted. Spend less and enjoy these booths that:

    Start from only £1,710 + Vat

    Are easy to assemble from our flat pack modular kits

    Can be ordered in 1m panels of 2m or 3m high, to fit most work areas

    Can be ordered with or without front canopies

    Are easy to maintain with disposable, low-cost, paper filters that can be replaced in minutes

    Get the highest quality

    Just like your spray work is completed to the highest quality finish, our spray paint booths are manufactured to the highest standards. They are:

    Designed and produced to the highest quality ISO 9001

    Manufactured using computerised modular production systems

    Constructed using first quality 16 SWG or higher galvanised steel sheets

    Are compliant with all relevant health and safety legislation

    Come with a 1-year warranty as standard.

    Contact us today to get a quality solution for your paint extraction needs.

    Get more

    As well as spray booths, we can also provide LEV testing and Air Monitoring services, tailored new and used fume extraction systems, and we offer service and maintenance contracts for that extra piece of mind.

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    Contact us to enquire about our broad range of dust extraction products and dust extraction solutions from small portable units to extensive multiple extraction point systems. Extract-it Ltd can provide a solution to each and every dust problem, including: