DCE UMA Unimaster Filter Insert


Filter inserts to suit Donaldson DCE UMA / Unimaster Shaker Filters.

Made of mild steel pre-galvanised wire.

Allow 2 to 3 days lead time.

See purchasing guide below for Model full set quantity details

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Filter cages are essential to ensure the optimum performance of your filter unit and prevent the collapse of your filter bags. These flat pocket filter cage inserts are compatible with most multipockets for Donaldson DCE UMA Unimaster Shaker Filters units.

Product Features:

  • They can be purchased individually to replace single inserts, or in bulk to replace your unit’s entire filter insert set; there is no minimum order quantity.
  • They are made from mild steel pre-galvanised wire with a knitted mesh.
  • There are seven sizes available to order, to suit twenty-one different Donaldson DCE UMA Unimaster models.


Orders can be delivered within 2-3 working days.


Can’t find your model or need help choosing the correct insert size? Give us a call on 0845 519 8599.

Different models require different sizes and numbers of inserts. The following guide will help you choose the correct filter insert and order quantity for your unit.

Filter Insert Compatible Models Insert Dimensions Full Set Quantity
UMA 70 DCE UMA 72, 73 & 74 503 x 491 mm 12 Inserts
UMA 100 DEC UMA 102, 103 & 104 503 x 490 mm 18 Inserts
UMA 150 DCE UMA 152, 153 & 154 680 x 550 mm 18 Inserts
UMA 250 DCE UMA 252, 253 & 254 680 x 550 mm 29 Inserts
UMA 350 DCE UMA 354, 356 & 358 873 x 693 mm 28 Inserts
UMA 450 DCE UMA 454, 456 & 458 873 x 693 mm 36 Inserts
UMA 750 DCE UMA 754, 756 & 758 1082 x 694 mm 48 Inserts

Top Tip:

Add edging strips to your order. These can be fitted around the edges of your filter cage inserts and will protect your multipocket filters from damage.


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