Auto Shaker Filter Controller


Auto Shaker Controller to suit various Shaker Filters including Donaldson DCE UMA Filters / Airmaster Auto M / DEI M Series / Filtex FX Series plus many more.

Wiring diagram supplied with controller.

Allow 5 to 7 days lead time.

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These cost-effective auto shaker controllers are designed to run a fan and shaker cleaning mechanism and is compatible with a wide of different types of shaker filters including:

  • Donaldson DCE Unimaster (UMA) Filters
  • Airmaster Auto M Filters
  • Dust Extraction International (DEI) M Series Filters
  • Filtex FX Series Filters

Product Features:

  • A robust and cost effective controller designed to run a fan and shaker motor combination.
  • Requires a 415v 50Hz 3 Phase input supply
  • It is compatible with normally configured control systems
  • Full wiring diagram will be supplied with the controller
  • No recalibration or resetting after disconnection from power, just press start to re-initiate
  • Packaged in a plastic waterproof enclosure to IP66 standards and specs
  • Available in a choice of seven different power options; from 0.75kW to 7.5 kW


For all auto shaker controllers, please allow 2-3 working days for delivery.


Do you need help selecting the right controller model? Give us a call on 0845 519 8599 .


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