LEV Testing

LEV Testing

Are you compliant with all your health & safety obligations? Have you had your LEV System tested in the last 14 months?

To comply with regulation 9 of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) and the Health and Safety at Work acts 1974, you don’t just have to have a suitable dust and fume extraction system in place… you have to ensure it is properly maintained and monitored.

This means that you must legally get your Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system inspected every 14 months at a minimum. This is to ensure that it is still fit-for-purpose and that dust and fumes are being adequately extracted from your work environment.

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    Get tested and get compliant

    COSHH complient

    At Extract-it Ltd we offer COSHH LEV testing in line with HSE guidelines, HSG 258. Not only will we carry out all LEV checks of your physical extraction equipment, but we will also carry out air monitoring and stack emission testing. At the end of your LEV assessment, we’ll provide you with an LEV Examination certificate and an assessment of your system’s overall technical performance.

    Get problems resolved, with a minimum of downtime

    If there are any performance issues, Extract-it Ltd can carry out the required servicing and maintenance to rectify them, so that there is a minimum of downtime for you. As experts in filter system refurbishments and suppliers of filter spares, we can look after all your servicing requirements, such as:

    Servicing reverse jet dust filters

    Servicing shaker dust filter and extractors

    Supplying filter spares such as bags, cages and starters

    Supplying ducting spares

    No matter what your dust problem or budget is we’ve got the dust extraction systems and the specialist skills to clear it.

    Finance options also available to spread the payments - ask for details!

    In addition to our 1 year warranty plan which comes as standard with all of our new and refurbished dust and fume extraction systems, we can quote for service and maintenance contracts, filter spares, LEV testing and air monitoring services.

    Get peace of mind

    At Extract-it Ltd we offer various short and long-term service and maintenance packages; allowing you to be safe in the knowledge that your extraction systems are performing at their best. And more importantly that your employees are safe and that your business is fully compliant with its legal obligations.

    Contact us today to enquire about our range of service and maintenance packages.

    Get more

    As well as LEV testing and air monitoring services, we supply a range of tailored new and used dust extraction systems and fume extraction systems. All of which have finance options available, with easy re-payment plans. Contact us to find out more.

    Get in touch today to ensure your business is compliant. Get your LEV system tested and certified and leave the servicing and maintenance of your equipment in safe hands.

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